What is Alessa in Wonderland

Alessa in Wonderland is a 2D-platformer created by a team of women in the UW Computer Science (CS) program. As part of the University of Illinois outreach program, the game was designed to spark an interest in CS in young girls. To this end, the game features detailed and completely original artwork and score to appeal to young girls' creativity and sense of self-empowerment. The game also features a creative story-line, and fun and engaging platforming. The game was programmed using the GameMaker platform, and in some of the strengths and weaknesses of the final game the platform and it's abilities are very apparent. In all, to the game's creators, Alessa represents a short-term creative venture into the worlds of gaming, artistic expression and outreach.

Team and Credits


  • Claire Andrews
  • Michelle Den Hollander
  • Alice Hai
  • Shanti Mailvaganam
  • Krista Odger

Our team did not use any images/sound/other media from online.

  • Artwork: Alice Hai, Claire Andrews
  • Music & Sound Effects: Michelle Den Hollander
  • Programming: Krista Odger, Michelle Den Hollander, Claire Andrews, Shanti Mailvaganam
  • Concept and Design: Krista Odger, Michelle Den Hollander, Claire Andrews, Shanti Mailvaganam, Alice Hai


Why our game will appeal to younger girls:
Our main character, Alessa, goes on a mystical journey unsure of what the future will hold. Initially she lacks self confidence and feels unimportant. As she meets new people and accepts new responsibilities she finds her inner strength and finds her world suddenly filled with colour and meaning. Teenage girls can identify with Alessa as she finds herself. Alessa represents a real girl and different from the ones portrayed in normal games.
This game is completely original in concept, artwork and music which will be inspiring to girls that want to do everything. In addition, the gameplay is classic, cute, and not excessively violent.